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Meet Mia

Meet Mia, the newest edition to my fam. She's a 10 week old Maltese and Yorki Mix. I'm obsessed with her, and we obviously share the same head tilt for pictures ...so it was meant to be.  


Failure is the Negative Space Around Success

Walt Disney was fired from a newspaper because he lacked imagination and creativity, and J.K Rowling was a jobless, single mom on welfare when she first wrote Harry Potter, my point is failure is the negative space around success.


Be You

I couldn't agree more with Loren Ridinger! She took the words out of my mouth when she wrote her latest blog post below. 
It’s time for you to stop caring what other people think. Letting go of the constant worrying is the best gift you can give yourself. It’s important to remove yourself from the situation and remember why you are doing what you’re doing. Stressing over another person’s opinion or judgement of you taking risks is their problem, not yours. If you stop yourself from following your dreams and living life on your own terms because of what others might think, you will never get anywhere! Dream big, start small, and stay focused. 
Surround yourself with positive people and cut ties with the negative. Stop waiting for their approval and start living! Don’t let doubt have an impact on your life. Your opinion of yourself is the only one that truly matters in this world.

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