The initial thought of going Vegan was insanely overwhelming. But, I'm at one of those stages where I need a drastic change. And I'm not in the mood for a new hair color, piercing, tattoo or any of that jazz. 
So….after 2 hours stuck in traffic on the 405! I found the change! I'm going Vegan! I know this change will not be a breeze or in any way easy; however, I think it will be a great challenge for me this year. 

I keep a list of things that make me smile, and I was so excited to put going vegan on the list. I will be using my blog as a way to journal different recipes and progress of my Vegan Journey. 

I'm excited! 

Happy Sunday! 




Valentine's Date Ideas for Every Relationship

  • A concert (Power 106's Valentine's Crush, Keith Sweat, Fantasia, and Eric Benet are different concert options in the LA area this Valentine's Day) 
  • Escapes Chocolate Indulgence Tour in Los Angeles, $65/ Person 
  • Valentine's Day Art Walk in Downtown LA (Free) 
  • Ventura County Winery Association's Valentine n' Wine $45/ Person  
  • Dinner and a movie 
  • Couples Massage 
  • Take an overnight trip to your favorite out of town spot 
  • Take a cooking class 
  • Go Ice Skating or Walk the Beach 
  • Recreate your first date together (aw)  
  • Host a Singles Party ! 



Once upon a time, I asked my co-worker how she met her husband. Turns out it was through Plenty of Fish. If you're unfamiliar with it, Plenty of Fish is an online dating website similar to Facebook's set up. You create a profile, upload a few pictures, fill in a few details about your preference and what not, and you can instantly start fishing! After learning about this website I figured why not give it a shot?

With dating, there are two fundamental, aspects chemistry and compatibilityChemistry in my opinion is the best part of dating. It's the way that person makes you feel, and the tingly feeling you get inside when you're with them. It's a feeling, it's intangible. Equally important is compatibility, which is the most important.  Do they want the same things as you in life? Do they have goals? Political views? Religion?? Partier? Cat Lover? Dog Lover??? Do they want kids????? Etc.

In the typical dating dynamic, it’s often hard to find all of these things out in one shot. It typically takes weeks if not months to answer all of these questions, truthfully I might add. For me, online dating takes away much of the guess work. You scroll from page to page, message to message and within minutes you will know if this person is your "type," or not.

However, the other side of online dating is the uncertainty of it all. Is the person behind the screen exactly who he or she says they are? Would Alex be just as whimsical and charming in person?

Overall, I think online dating is a great tool to get people back in the dating game, which brings me to my last point.  Be open to the new experiences.You’ll meet guys who are your type, and who are not your type, online or notIf you do decide to create an online dating profile, the person you're viewing is only giving you a glimpse of who they are so don't take it too seriously. You may get a lover or even a spouse out of it. Either way, you will have a few interesting stories to tell. And, let's be honest, everyone loves a good story.

I'd love to get your feedback! Please leave me a comment below. 



1. 6 p.m.-12 a.m. is when I'm most productive
2. I got my nose pierced when I was 19, that lasted about 1 week.
3. I tell everyone I'm 5'5, that may or may not be accurate
4. My favorite season is fall
5. As a young girl I told people my name was Sarah Fergusen
6. I can eat sushi any time of the day
7. When I was 10 I filed my entire nail down to my skin (Goose bumps just thinking about it!)
8.  I collect journals
9. I'm always cold
10. Kourtney Kardashian is my favorite Kardashian!
11. I'm thee worst texter of all time
12. Most of my friends think I should work for TMZ
13. My favorite movies are The Life of David Gale, Selena, and Sex and the City
14. My favorite drink is Chai Tea
15. I drink a lot of water
16. I love cooking
17.  I have 2 god children
18. I secretly wish I knew how to play the piano
19. I've developed an addiction to Youtube
20. I love receiving mail and packages
21. My favorite place to Shop is Target, Ulta, Lush, and Barnes and Noble
22. I introduce my brother to everyone as my little brother, he's 20 now…
23. I graduated from UNLV with my bachelors in English
24. I want a dog farm
25. I can concentrate better with a fresh manicure
26. I love planning and designing party layouts
27. I can't go more than 2 days with a messy room
28. I sleep with a pink pillow and purple blanket, they have traveled every with me:
Cuba, Aruba, Cost Rica, Honduras, Bahamas, Mexico,
New York, Florida, Panama, St. Thomas…and the list goes on ;)
29. My least favorite food is beef
30. I will be 25 this year, October 12th
31. My favorite color is Coral
32. My hair is naturally poker straight
33. My favorite scent is Pure DKNY
34. I've had acrylics a total of 4 times
35. I love terrible reality television late at night
36. Caffeine did not have an effect on my in college, now it does
37. I love the smell of rain and new leather
38. I have no desire to learn how to bowl
39. I love baseball and basketball
40. I change my hair color often
41. I'm the oldest in my family
42. I abbreviate most of my words
43. I love road trips and spontaneous trips
44. My girlfriends and I still have sleepovers
45. I prefer shopping online
46. I'd rather listen to music than watch TV
47. My goal this year is to become a paralegal
48. I have extremely thick skin
49. I'm 100% a family person
50. I have 2 soul sisters: Annaya and Olivia <3



 Everyone has their own view on what makes a “good” or “successful” year, but I personally measure it with growth. Am I  better person today than what I was yesterday , or in this case am I in a better place this year than the year before?

The word “Growth” is generally identified as something positive, but more often than not we fail to remember that there’s a lot of “growing pains” in between point A to Point B. In 2013 I experienced many "growing pains". A lot of it was due to health issues caused by stress. The other part was not feeling motivated, and becoming comfortable with where I was at.

After attending a motivational Women's conference hosted by Kim Somers Egelsee towards the end of the year, and really analyzing my path, I felt more inspired than ever. I started researching schools, and really focusing on what I wanted to do in 2014 to become a better person. I started with a simple resolution list which contained 4 resolutions....

I saved the best for last by making going back to school as my last resolution.

I'm so excited, nervous, overwhlemed, happy, and grateful.

I was accepted into UCLA Extension's Paralegal Program!! In Febuary I will be a full-time student again, and I'm so overjoyed that new doors have opened so soon.

Cheers, 2014. 



My 2013 Favorites ! (Right to left, Top to Bottom)

1. Morphie Juice Pack Helium - Without a doubt this is my number one because it is my LIFE SAVER. I use my phone to no end for work and personal use. This bad boy comes in handy right when I need him! I go from 0% to 80% in about 2 hours time without being connected to a cord. I snap the case on, and I'm good to go. This will be at the #1 spot for a while :)
2. Second fav, of course, Baby Lips. Pink Punch smells so yummy and is my all time fav! I haven't found one baby lips balm I don't like! They all smell so good and feel so moisturizing.
3. My third favorite is a refreshing, hydrating mist I use all the time. The mist has an herbal and rosewater scent. It's great for dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable skin. So Gentle, and non-irritating.
4. I've used my iphone 5's little heart out this year! Love her so much.
5. Mint Julips is a great scrub for the lips. Perfect for all year long.
6. Mineralize Skinfinish Mac Face Powder has the best natural look to it, I'm not a fan of the powdery look so this does the trick for me. It is dewy, but with the right foundation it's definitely great for any skin type.
7. Pure DKNY-Sweet, timeless and a reliable scent I go back to, time and time again. 
8. Creme d’ Nude is a pink toned fleshy nude that has somewhat of a shine finish. Definitely an every day type of lip color. It's my go to lip color. When in doubt, go nude.
9. Beyonce's album was the cherry on top of the 2013 sundae. Every single song. But if I had to pick: , Xo, Grown Woman, Flawless, and Drunk in love.



I can't believe it is 4 days until 2014!I thought a list of New Year's Resolutions would be fun. So.....without further ado! Here are my top four New Years Resolutions! 

Resolution 1. Pack my Own Lunch and Brew Coffee at home. I'm thinking these two will save me about $4,400 IN 2014! Reason being, if I buy lunch out every day (cheaply, I might add),I  spend more or less $150 each month! A chai tea from Sarbucks on the other hand is about 3-4$ PER drink. I'm looking forward to this one.

Resolution 2. Stay in touch with family and friends a lot more! I recently spent time with family in the OC and we had a blast. I realized family and friend time can easily fall to the wayside with busy schedules, however, if you plan in advance it gives you something to look forward to. Super excited about this one! 

Resolution 3. Volunteer at least once a month. I will be blogging about this. I think it'll be fun to blog about, and it will also hold me accountable :)

And, Resolution 4. Go back to school. In 2013 I did a few test prepping courses.  In 2014 I really would like to challenge myself on a completely different level. Stay tuned.

So those are my top 4 New Year's resolutions for 2014. Comment your New Year's resolutions below, I love reading these!


I hope you all had a great Christmas holiday! I wanted to share what I got this Christmas. Most of the gifts I received were beauty related, with the exception of one electronic that is a complete LIFE SAVER. If you are using your phone contantly for work and personal use I HIGHLY recommend ordering my number  4 present on the list below. Comment below with your favorite gifts this year :) 

1. MAC Turquatic Fragrance ( Notes of Anemone, Lotus, Orris, & Corsican Blue Cedar. A new classic!I'm in love)

2. It's Judy time Pallete (Great for everyday and going out!)

3. That's Heart Pallete (Fun and Flirty)

4. Mophie charging phone case  (LIFE SAVER)


5. Vanity Girl Hollywood Mirror(To die for!)

6. Michael Kors Watch (Rose Gold)

7. UGG Boots Bailey Button Triplet (Love)


100 Things I love

1. Youtube
2. Bookstores
3. Random Acts of Kindness
4. Christmas
5. Chai Tea
6. Surprises
8. Long Walks 
9. Any excuse for a celebration
10. Babies!
11. My I phone
12. My I pad
13. My Mac Book
14. Blogging
15. Fresh Flowers
16. Lists
17. Make Up
18. Pure Perfume
19. Bed Bath and Beyond Candles
20. Pizza
21. Mia
22. Morkies
23. My Family
24. My Friends
25. Beyonce
26. Miguel
27. New Friends
28. Diamonds
29. Inspirational People
30. Rihanna
31. Hiking + Zumba
32. Photo Albums
33. Traveling
34. Reading
35. Cooking
36. Baking
37. Party Planning
38. Baby Animals
39. The Beach
40. Ron Pope
41. Jump La Hiri
42. Fireworks
43. Grandparents
44. Ice Cream
45. Instagram
46. Sports
47. Accomplishing a goal
48. Winter
49. Diet Coke
50. Car Washes
51. Freshly Painted Nails
52. Shopping
53. Blow Outs
54. Unexpected/Cute Text Messages
55. Romance
56. Jewelery
57. Church on Sundays
58. Payday
59. Peanut Butter
60. Stonefire
61. Showers
62. Magazines
63. Subway
64. Rain
65. All Beauty Products
66. DIY Projects
67. The Color White
68. Nicole Guerriero
69. Judy Travis, AKA It's Judy's Life
70. Kourtney Kardashian
71. Pinterest
72. Lush
73. New York
74. Las Vegas
75. North Dakota
76. Volunteering
77. A clean room
78. Target
79. Crosses
80. Birthdays
81. Anything with "Faith" on it
82. Journals
83. Shabby Chiq
84. Garage Sales
85. Thrift Shops
86. Chelsea Handler
87. Weddings
88. Boots
89. Pumpkin
90. Disneyland
91. Invitations and Announcements
92. BBQs
93. Massages
94. Facials
95. Watermelon
96. Baby Pictures
97. Pedicures
98. Dates
99. Girls Night
100. Spontaneous Trips