I can't believe it is 4 days until 2014!I thought a list of New Year's Resolutions would be fun. So.....without further ado! Here are my top four New Years Resolutions! 

Resolution 1. Pack my Own Lunch and Brew Coffee at home. I'm thinking these two will save me about $4,400 IN 2014! Reason being, if I buy lunch out every day (cheaply, I might add),I  spend more or less $150 each month! A chai tea from Sarbucks on the other hand is about 3-4$ PER drink. I'm looking forward to this one.

Resolution 2. Stay in touch with family and friends a lot more! I recently spent time with family in the OC and we had a blast. I realized family and friend time can easily fall to the wayside with busy schedules, however, if you plan in advance it gives you something to look forward to. Super excited about this one! 

Resolution 3. Volunteer at least once a month. I will be blogging about this. I think it'll be fun to blog about, and it will also hold me accountable :)

And, Resolution 4. Go back to school. In 2013 I did a few test prepping courses.  In 2014 I really would like to challenge myself on a completely different level. Stay tuned.

So those are my top 4 New Year's resolutions for 2014. Comment your New Year's resolutions below, I love reading these!

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