My 2013 Favorites ! (Right to left, Top to Bottom)

1. Morphie Juice Pack Helium - Without a doubt this is my number one because it is my LIFE SAVER. I use my phone to no end for work and personal use. This bad boy comes in handy right when I need him! I go from 0% to 80% in about 2 hours time without being connected to a cord. I snap the case on, and I'm good to go. This will be at the #1 spot for a while :)
2. Second fav, of course, Baby Lips. Pink Punch smells so yummy and is my all time fav! I haven't found one baby lips balm I don't like! They all smell so good and feel so moisturizing.
3. My third favorite is a refreshing, hydrating mist I use all the time. The mist has an herbal and rosewater scent. It's great for dehydrated, tight and uncomfortable skin. So Gentle, and non-irritating.
4. I've used my iphone 5's little heart out this year! Love her so much.
5. Mint Julips is a great scrub for the lips. Perfect for all year long.
6. Mineralize Skinfinish Mac Face Powder has the best natural look to it, I'm not a fan of the powdery look so this does the trick for me. It is dewy, but with the right foundation it's definitely great for any skin type.
7. Pure DKNY-Sweet, timeless and a reliable scent I go back to, time and time again. 
8. Creme d’ Nude is a pink toned fleshy nude that has somewhat of a shine finish. Definitely an every day type of lip color. It's my go to lip color. When in doubt, go nude.
9. Beyonce's album was the cherry on top of the 2013 sundae. Every single song. But if I had to pick: , Xo, Grown Woman, Flawless, and Drunk in love.


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