Everyone has their own view on what makes a “good” or “successful” year, but I personally measure it with growth. Am I  better person today than what I was yesterday , or in this case am I in a better place this year than the year before?

The word “Growth” is generally identified as something positive, but more often than not we fail to remember that there’s a lot of “growing pains” in between point A to Point B. In 2013 I experienced many "growing pains". A lot of it was due to health issues caused by stress. The other part was not feeling motivated, and becoming comfortable with where I was at.

After attending a motivational Women's conference hosted by Kim Somers Egelsee towards the end of the year, and really analyzing my path, I felt more inspired than ever. I started researching schools, and really focusing on what I wanted to do in 2014 to become a better person. I started with a simple resolution list which contained 4 resolutions....

I saved the best for last by making going back to school as my last resolution.

I'm so excited, nervous, overwhlemed, happy, and grateful.

I was accepted into UCLA Extension's Paralegal Program!! In Febuary I will be a full-time student again, and I'm so overjoyed that new doors have opened so soon.

Cheers, 2014. 

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