Once upon a time, I asked my co-worker how she met her husband. Turns out it was through Plenty of Fish. If you're unfamiliar with it, Plenty of Fish is an online dating website similar to Facebook's set up. You create a profile, upload a few pictures, fill in a few details about your preference and what not, and you can instantly start fishing! After learning about this website I figured why not give it a shot?

With dating, there are two fundamental, aspects chemistry and compatibilityChemistry in my opinion is the best part of dating. It's the way that person makes you feel, and the tingly feeling you get inside when you're with them. It's a feeling, it's intangible. Equally important is compatibility, which is the most important.  Do they want the same things as you in life? Do they have goals? Political views? Religion?? Partier? Cat Lover? Dog Lover??? Do they want kids????? Etc.

In the typical dating dynamic, it’s often hard to find all of these things out in one shot. It typically takes weeks if not months to answer all of these questions, truthfully I might add. For me, online dating takes away much of the guess work. You scroll from page to page, message to message and within minutes you will know if this person is your "type," or not.

However, the other side of online dating is the uncertainty of it all. Is the person behind the screen exactly who he or she says they are? Would Alex be just as whimsical and charming in person?

Overall, I think online dating is a great tool to get people back in the dating game, which brings me to my last point.  Be open to the new experiences.You’ll meet guys who are your type, and who are not your type, online or notIf you do decide to create an online dating profile, the person you're viewing is only giving you a glimpse of who they are so don't take it too seriously. You may get a lover or even a spouse out of it. Either way, you will have a few interesting stories to tell. And, let's be honest, everyone loves a good story.

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