I went to San Diego to do a little animal loving at Sea World, San Diego Safari, and San Diego Zoo.

First off, I purchased the 3 park pass for 112$ at Costco. Most places have these tickets for 150$ and up, so I found the price to be quite the deal, and it's good for 7 days!

We went to Sea World first on Friday. It was a great way to go because there were no lines, and most rides let you stay on as many times as you wanted. The Shamu show was my favorite, I remember going as a young girl and the trainers would swim with the shamus in the water. However, since the accident in 2006, the show was modified. The show was great nonetheless, and the weather was so breezy, and cool.

On Saturday, we went to the San Diego Safari in Escondido. The Safari was about 50 miles from our hotel, so it was a little bit of a drive. Upon going to the park I had no expectations, I didn't read any reviews so I went in with a pretty open mind. Overall, the visit was good. The Lions and Cheetahs were breath taking, and the Africa Tram was very informative. The weather was HOTT and there wasn't much shade, however, we were able to knock out the entire park in about 4-5 hours, so it was worth it.

 We left the San Diego Zoo for last. I preferred the zoo over the Safari because, the at the zoo you're able to look at each animal at your leisure, and the majority of the park is shaded (major plus in the summer).  The Zoo also held a few great shows, and there were many on volunteers on site that were extremely generous with sharing information.

And lastly, where did we stay? The Sheraton Hotel and Marina. I have so many great things to say about this place and I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone staying in the San Diego area.
We purchased a "4 star mystery package"through Priceline. The mystery packages come in a series of levels, 3 star, 2, 4, 5 star being the best. And Priceline basically guarantees that you will stay at a "4 Star" hotel, on the dates you choose, however, Priceline does not tell you the name of the hotel until you purchase it. I loved this idea since it's so hard to choose as we were not too familiar with the area! Once we purchased the deal, it immediately reveals where you will be staying, and ours was the Sheraton.  The service was great, the location was close to the all of our excursions, and the view was spectacular. The person that checked us in also offered us an upgrade for 50$ that would include continental breakfast, appetizers during the evenings, and soft drinks, coffee, tea, cappuccinos, and juices all day! I thought $50 that was such a deal for 2 people.

Here are a few pictures from my trip!

View from the Sheraton Hotel (12th Floor)


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